McCallum AB3 Blackwood Bagpipes

Made in Scotland - Usually ships in 8-10 weeks

Imitation ivory projecting mounts, Imitation Ivory ferrules, imitation ivory ring caps, nickel slides and imitation ivory bushes. Fully combed. Supplied as standard with beaded imitation ivory ferrules, nickel slides and imitation ivory ring caps, imitation ivory bushes, imitation ivory and nickel mouthpiece, and McCallum Plastic Pipe Chanter. 

Your metalwork can either be plain or engraved.

Your new set of McCallum Bagpipes are guaranteed for a period of Five years from the date of purchase, provided proof of purchase is available or, alternatively, Five years from the date of manufacture stamped on the bass mid joint pin.  All mounts are threaded on.

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McCallum AB3 Blackwood Bagpipes

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