McCallum AB4FA Full Engraved Blackwood Bagpipes

McCallum AB4FA  African Blackwood Bagpipes with Engraved Alloy

This model is a beautiful set and is sure to turn heads.  With all mounts in engraved alloy, they have the look of a full silver set. This model comes with an adjustable Poly blowstick that allows for a comfortable custom fit and is safe from moisture damage. Blackwood blowsticks are available by special order. Made in Scotland.

Features of the McCallum AB4DFA Bagpipes:


  • Fully combed and beaded African Blackwood
  • Engraved alloy projecting mounts, ferrules, tuning slides, and ring caps
  • Engraved alloy sleeve and bulb on the mouthpiece 
  • McCallum Polypenco adjustable blowstick
  • McCallum Polypenco pipe chanter with engraved alloy sole
  • Celtic ,Thistle, Zoomorphic, Victorian or Fire Dept engraving


Standard Set-Up Includes Top Quality Components:


  • Bannatyne synthetic pipe bag with zipper
  • EzeeDrone synthetic drone reeds
  • Deluxe velvet bag cover with zipper and silk drone cords
  • Brand name pipe chanter reed


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McCallum AB4FA Engraved

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