Begg Sheepskin Pipe Bag

Begg sheepskin bags are handmade in Scotland by James Begg, a well-known bag maker with decades of experience. Sheepskin bags provide excellent natural moisture control for pipers who play regularly. The bags absorb moisture when played, and then dry overnight. This natural feature can eliminate the need for any additional moisture control products.  In hot, dry climates where it is desirable for a bag to retain moisture, a hide bag might be a better choice, but in moderate and moist climates, the inherent properties of sheepskin make it an exceptional pipe bag material. For sheepskin bags to remain airtight, they must be seasoned regularly.


  • Improves posture - you can adjust and fit it to suit personal taste and in particular have the blowpipe directed nicely towards the mouth.
  • The pipes won’t fall of the shoulder when you stop playing.
  • Smooth clean finish as you are in complete control of the bagpipe i.e. no trailing drone sound.
  • Solid feel under the arm and stops drones moving either up or down or backwards and forwards.
  • Naturally dries out overnight removing the moisture from the previous days practice.
  • Keeps stable moisture content in the bag and therefore stops the pitch of your chanter reed from sharpening too much. This is particularly true in warm days.
  • Moulds to your shape and gives more comfort.


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Begg Sheepskin Pipe Bag

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