• Installation of Sheepskin Pipe Bag

We will professionally tie-in and season your sheepskin pipe bag. Many pipers are interested in trying this classic pipe bag, but are intimidated by the installation. It is a time-consuming process, and mistakes can make the bag unusable. For this service we don't need your entire bagpipe, just the 5 stocks. We'll remove your old bag, cut holes, tie-on the hide bag you supply or purchase, season with Airtight, and test for airtightness. Unless you have specific requests for hole placement, we'll use the long-accepted measurements for standard hole placements.

Installation Includes:

Removal of previous pipe bag

Return of previous pipe bag, unless disposal is requested (Some bags, especially hide bags, will not be reusable)

Cutting of holes

Tie-in of replacement pipe bag

Seasoning with Hardie's Airtight

Test for airtightness

There is a $25 surcharge for the installation of sheepskin bags not purchased at Blandford Imports.

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Installation of Sheepskin Pipe Bag

  • Product Code: Installation of Sheepskin Pipe Bag
  • $60.00


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